Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I did it!

I can officially say I have made a pumpkin pie that is worthy of praise
(which basically means it was edible and didn't look too terrible).
I even used the pumpkins that we had for Halloween
(I know , I know...but I've learned so much from my good Mother-in-Law about being resourceful).
Pumpkin pie is Ryan's favorite fall treat and I've been wanting to feel confident making a delicious pie for awhile.
I have a friend who makes perfect pies every time *yummy*,
and a Mother-in-Law who does the same.

My memory of my mother making pies was seeing the frustration of trying to get the dough just right and then placing it Just-So in the pie pan...just to crumple it all up and start over again.
Of coarse, when hers were finally finished, they were no less than perfect.
I set all intimidation aside and set out to make my own pumpkin pie!
Who better to practice on than a houseful of little anxious mouths, awaiting a fall goodie?
Enough about the pie-making, I'm just happy I finally did it!


Ryan Southwell said...

That pie was so good. Sadly it's all gone already! Both of them. Can anyone please make me some pumpkin pie that rocks cause I'm jones'in for more!

Amy said...

I love me some pumpkin pie. I want to make one too. I just can't seem to get a homemade crust down...argh! Wanna teach me?

Oler Family said...

Yumm!! That is one of my favorite teats too! I made last year that was okay. You need to post your recipe.

The Griffins said...

Ummm, I'm sorry... but do I see an actual leaf on your pie??? I think you've gone above and beyond average here. :] What I want to know is how you converted your actual pumpkins in to pie. They don't sell canned pumpkin in England and I'm putting on Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks... HELP!!


kelly said...

disclaimer....that is not my picture...our pie was gone before any pictures could be taken. I do like the leaf idea though. :)

I just cleaned out the pumpkin really well, cut it into large pieces and roasted it in a 9x13 dish (skin side up) at 400 for about an hour (til it's soft). When it's done, the skin peels right off. then I just put it in a food processor (or blender) and pureed it. (I didn't add anything else.). Then you can just add it as the pie recipe calls for. (I did have to drain off a little of the juice from the pureed pumpkin. It's delicious! The little, round sugar pumpkins work the best, but I used big ones too.