Saturday, November 22, 2008

plug (part II)

I have finished my book, finally.

I feel like I know the characters, and it's always so bitter-sweet to finish a book...I just want it to keep going. This author is an amazing writer. Such imagery and personification to make the story come to life.

On the con the book went on, the bad language increased; I'm not a big fan of that.
There were also some parts that were hard to swallow. (I guess that comes with reading about the Holocaust).

Time to start my second novel of the year (it takes me sooo long to read a book these busy days).
Any recommendations?


Kaylynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! We'll call later - but I wanted you to know we are thinking about you! We are off to church! (I hope you canceled all your meetings today)! Have a great one!

sheena jibson said...

Happy birthday to you!! Wish I was there!