Friday, December 12, 2008

As a Mom

Today was the boys' first awards assembly at school. Usually in Kindergarten they don't join the "big kids" for this event. However, these two are in a combo. class so they get to attend. I was so happy to see Jaydon get up and receive his award for "People Respecting Others" (a very important skill for a kindergartener). He was so lit up on that stage to get his certificate. It was great to see him so happy. He sat down next to his brother (who did not get a certificate this time) and put his arm around him and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.
My heart sank.
I ducked through the crowd over to where they were sitting to give a couple of hugs.
One as a "congratulations" and "great job".
The other as an "everything is going to be ok." and "don't worry there will be a next time".
My sweet Joel was upset and fighting back the tears. How do you tell a twin that shares just about EVERYTHING, that not ALL things in life will be the same, or equal? I tried to let him know that next time it will probably be his turn. (but inside my heart just broke to see him try to be tough against those tears.) I know this will be a good little lesson for him to learn about life. But it is so much tougher than it seems! (side note: It's been 4 hours since the assembly and he's doing just great :) ).

On a brighter note...Ezzy and I got to spend some time at the park today. I love to go and watch him climb, slide, swing and climb some more. Here, he was letting me know it was time to get going for his nap time! I just love how he snuggles.

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