Tuesday, December 16, 2008

where has December gone???

Here are a few things we've done already this December. Where the time is going, I have no idea!!! But we must be filling the hours with some fun stuff, 'cuz we have a few pictures to show...

We celebrated Ryan's birthday with a few friends. It's all about blowing out candles and eating cake, right? Well, there was plenty of that! A super-chocolaty-death-by-chocolate-made-to-order birthday cake was enjoyed by all.

We then went to our Ward Christmas Party. We ate LOADS of turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and all the fixin's! (not to mention the 20 rolls devoured by my 4 kids alone). Complete with homemade pies and candy-cane ice cream. Oh yum!

The entertainment for the evening was supposed to be Karaoke for the adults...but as you can see, it was sort of taken over by the youngsters in
attendance. Don't get me wrong, there were a few great adult performances, but for the most part I think Emily had a mic. in her hand 80% of the night! That girl loves to belt it out!!

On Saturday, we had a little craft project. The kids made a candy Christmas Tree to take to a sweet, sweet Sister in a local Convelcent home . The kids were a little nervous, though we've been there several times before. But they joined in singing loud and clear and gave Pam her beloved Christmas Tree! (I would post pictures, but it was too dark in her room).

No wonder I don't blog too often...as I write, the kids are seeing how much mud they can get on their feet...in the back yard. Meanwhile, Ezra probably needs some MORE dry underwear... Until next time...we'll keep doing fun stuff and posting when we can!


merideth said...

happy birthday ryan.
and i love that sweet tree. what a cute idea.
kelly you are awesome.

sheena said...

I want to hear emily sing karaoke when we see you guys......in a few weeks!

merideth said...

so after reading sheenas comment i assume you are going to kellys moms house for the holidays.. is that right?
just wondering if you were coming to t.o. for the holidays we could have a game night or something??

Kaylynn said...

Looks like a fun December - just remember it's not over yet!!!