Wednesday, January 21, 2009

liberating feelings

A few random thoughts:

* Getting rid of junk in my house, under the bed, in the closet, under the dresser...junk from ANYWHERE makes me feel so liberated!

*When I was about 16, I went on a walk at 2 a.m. with some friends. As a train passed by us (about 6 feet in front of us) we YELLED at the top of our lungs! oh what a liberating feeling! There are times I think about that and want to do it again.

*When dancing filled many hours of my day, 6 days a week, the most liberating feeling was to
a: take off my restricting, oh-too-tight pointe (yes, it has an "e" at the end) shoes and wiggle my free little toes. AND
b: go home and get out of my tight, worn-too-long-stinky leotard.

*Almost hate to admit it, but taking my twins to pre-school for the first time (4 years ago) was an ENORMOUS feeling of liberation!

*I've also heard that running into the ocean with very little on can be a liberating feeling. But to me, I think I'd feel more vulnerable than liberated...that's just me. :)

**Oh...and as I type, my 2 -year-old has taken off his clothes...all of them, and is jumping on the trampoline. Wow, liberating. I better go...

So what kind of things make you feel completely free! (remember my little ones read this sometimes :) )


Kasey said...

I wiggled my toes after reading about your pointe shoes...
Funny that you should mention dejunking I just did it last night. There is nothing like looking at a huge bag full crap that is no longer polluting you closet and drawers!

also..finishing a race!

Marie said...

Kasey, I want all that junk you are getting rid of. I had the pleasure of perusing through your closet about 6 years ago and I liked what I saw. Too bad we are not neighbors.

Kelly, I would LOVE to try the ocean, no clothes, liberating thing. It sounds like so much fun.

I think it is liberating to skinny dip in the freezing cold river in Oregon under a beautiful moon...and it's a little scary. What's in the deep dark water?

I too like to de-junk and try to do it about once a week so I can keep on top of things.

merideth said...

having a baby is quite liberating... you know the part about how the baby is now out and not still in cramming all your insides.

going to target or the mall without kids... it makes me feel so reckless and liberating.

shaving my head... that was definitely liberating.

kelly said...

oh Mer, I'm envious you have "shave my head" on your list of liberating events! Honestly, I bet that was a GREAT feeling!

Rachel said...

Hey kelly, this is Rachel (Bates) Johnson. I have stumbled across your blog and have been checking it for awhile now, and thought I would leave a comment. De-junking is the greatest feeling, and it is so funny that you blogged about it, because I have been de-cluttering my house these past couple of days, and it is a thrill to have two huge boxes of toys put away to switch out when our kids get bored of their other toys. Anyways, it is always so fun to read your blog. I have a blog, and Jim has started one but doesn't update it very often. You can check it out through my blog. Our sister Liz has a photography blog (the red bucket photography on our blog) and Mark also has a blog that he never updates. Its good to check in with you and I love reading your interesting posts. Thanks, and talk with you later!