Friday, January 23, 2009

Project Friday

So, I'm sharing this idea that my friend, Ali, brought to my attention. Every Friday I will choose a "project" to do during the week. I will take" before" pictures and post them. And the following Friday I will (hopefully) post the "after" pictures. Some will be smaller projects, others, probably more than I can this one!
I decided for my project this week I would do the "hide out". It's the closet under the stairs where all the toys are stored. I've had big plans for this place since we moved here...and it STILL has to be done...after 2 years!

So, here are the before photos. Wish me luck!


shawna said...

The closet under the stairs is the scariest place in our house. Jim and I clean it out every couple of years and OH BOY it's overdue!
:C Yikes! shawna

Sarah said...

Oh that is going to feel so refreshing when it's done. Can't wait for the "after pictures". I am not sure how you do all that you do!

Recently, Bryant and I just dumped every single toy in a pile and then organized them. We filled up two trash cans full of toys (mostly bryant did that... then I ended up digging through the trash to get the nice toys he threw out)! It was an adventure!

We actually hid a bunch of buckets of toys in the closet, so then when the kids get stir crazy, I go and find a bucket that they have not played with in a few weeks. It's working out nicely.

Good luck to you!

Kaylynn said...

Love the new header - and love that I'm not the only mom with messes in my house. Good luck.

merideth said...

oh my goodness i was totally going to do this too. you may just see some of my before messes soon.
i feel your pain. my house as well needs some serious tlc. maybe i should first post the many piles of laundry in my hallway that need to be done.

Anonymous said...

just buy reinforced hinges so you can use the door to push or compact the toys behind it.

Oler Family said...

I love this! Good Luck! I should do this too.