Friday, January 30, 2009

Project Friday

Here are a couple of Before shots from
the toy room, affectionately known as
"The Hide Out"
The kids' artwork adorned the walls, taped haphazardly here and there

What girl can head into a project without her trusty
pink construction tools?
(one of my favorite Christmas presents from the past)

a piece of masonite, for the chalkboard

Magnetic paint!

More magnetic paint!

and, what girl can head into a project without her MAN
using the dainty pink construction tools to help her out?
a work in progress


...and around the corner.

my favorite part...the right-hand wall is all magnetic!

Now we can play and display without a Scotch Tape mess everywhere!

There were many steps to getting the Hide Out in decent shape:
1. de-junking MANY toys
2. sorting the toys
3. emptying the hide out completely
4. painting Magnet paint on one wall
5. Painting 5 coats of magnet paint on the chalkboard (hanging on the left, soon to be framed)
6. going to Home Depot multiple times for a few supplies
7. Painting the walls green.
8. Painting the chalkboard with 2 coats of chalkboard paint
9. cutting the wood for shelf supports
10. cutting the wood for shelves
11. painting the shelf supports (green)
12. painting the shelves (2 coats each!)
13. hanging a heavy-to-lift-hard-to-handle homemade chalk board
14. hanging the shelves
15. painting the little white floor shelf (3 coats of paint)
16. the toys into the fabulous new bins from Target!
(more are on the way, but we're beyond the budget for now).
17. Letting the kids PLAY on the CLEAN floor of the Hide Out!

Now, for NEXT week!
we are taking it down a notch or two...
down to the ground, quite literally!
This week, I am working on the neglected baseboards
throughout the entire house!
They need some SERIOUS TLC!
(it's not that I don't clean them, it's that some of them need some obvious EXTRA attention)

behind the laundry baskets in the laundry room

under the snack bar, by our red barstools
high traffic area in the kitchen
(ps. I swear these look WAY worse in these pictures, and Ryan's not thrilled about me showing our yucky house parts. )


sheena said...

holy wow. It looks SO good!!!!I love it!! And I can't believe that was oops paint--I really like the color!!

kelly said...

oh yeah...side note...there was NO oops paint after going to HD 3 different times to check! so, we bought that one and I LOVE it!

shawna said...

Your hide out looks terrific! What a big project! The baseboard should be an easier project. good luck.
:D shawna

Sarah said...

So fantastic and such lucky kids! WOW! That turned into quite the project.

cara lou said...

That looks amazing! I love that color, too. Nice work! What a fun place to play.

Our baseboards need some attention here and there, too.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Whoa! I thought your "project"was going to be more of an organizational thing, didn't realize you were going ALL OUT! You should be exhausted by now. Looks awesome, by the way.
(We bought some of the magnetic paint, haven't tried it out yet, HOW magnetic is it exactly? Like do I have to paint 10 coats or just a couple?)

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Not sure if I've commented before, so I just thought I'd let you know that was me.

Marie said...

Congratulations on a FABULOUS hideout! Your kids are in hideout heaven and I bet it feels like a weight has been lifted knowing that space is immaculate! I absolutely love it.

Congratulations on being real enough to show us you are normal. The baseboards are amazingly disgusting. This post will be a wonderful incentive to fix them right up I'm sure.

Ryan, everyone's house has yucky parts....we just aren't all brave enough to share them with the blogging world...go Kelly!

merideth said...

uh may zing!!!!
love it. how fun to have a magnetic wall. the kids are going to love that room.

Desta said...

That looks awesome. I can't believe you did that in a week. Do you hire out?

Kaylynn said...

Looks awesome. I wish under our stairs looked that fun. It doesn't. And when you get done with your baseboards ya wanna come do mine? I'll help I promise.

Lauren Southwell said...

It looks like a child's dream hideout!
I'm sure everyone is enjoying it.
Good Job you guys! :D

Anonymous said...

5 coats of magnetic paint? Do the kids get stuck to it with their belt buckles?
Looks great.

Karen said...

It looks great! I have pink tools too! They are my dad bought them for me and told me I would impress guys with them. haha

Olive-us said...

How fantastic! I wish I had a hideaway like that.
And your baseboards, your "before" is my "after". I recently finished mine and I think I need to go over them again.

Lauren said...

wow kelly!
that looks amazing!!

you guys did an awesome job.