Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This girl...

I love how helpful and happy she is in our home.
I love her creativity and imagination.
I love her willingness to share her talents.(I wish she'd give me some)...
I love her love of family.
I love her love for all things crafty.
I love that she is independent and is confident to be herself.
I love her good example to her family and her friends.
I love that she wants to be my helper these days.


Emily is lucky and gets to share her birthday with her Great Grandpa Kennan (Papa). This year, she turned 9 and he turned 87!

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people!


merideth said...

i am sure she is all those things because you ARE all those things! you are awesome.
happy birthday emily.

heidi said...

Happy Birthday Emily!

She is such a sweet girl...she is also VERY creative, kind and funny!

Olive-us said...

Happy birthday, Emily and Congratulations to you and your family!!!!

shawna said...

Happy Birthday to Emily... We'll sing to you in primary! I am so impressed with your skills on the piano--Wow. You have such poise and talent! Kelly we love your Emily too. Her enthusiasm to participate is so wonderful. :D sis gerardi

ali said...

Happy birthday emily! I am so glad we get to live near you and that our kids get to grow up with a great example like you!j