Friday, February 13, 2009

Project Friday

Even though some of these projects COULD be done in a matter of hours (not a week), I have to remember that I only have a few minutes a day to work on these projects. So, I have to set my realistic goal of a week to accomplish them (if only my time could be divided into 2 hour chunks, instead of 15 minute snippets... between snacks to get, arguments to referee, spills to clean, meals to fix and every-day chores to do...15 minutes/day has to do for now. )
With that said, here's the results of my project this week.

This is Ezra'a closet before

This is his closet after (no major change to see)
Someday it'll have shelves and things...but it's not going to be HIS closet for long
( I cannot get this picture to turn)
After going through the bins, organizing the closet
and getting rid of the old stuff,
I feel great having organized the drawers and closet with all the "new".

talk about the EMBARRASSMENT of my life!
Ryan will dread that this is posted, sorry Hun.
But between Holidays, vacations, and being sick at the beginning of this pregnancy,
my room has gone to waste! (maybe a trait I inherited, hee hee)
So, I will spare you the pictures of the nightmare
and just show you two clips...that's enough to get the idea across!
Wish me LUCK!!!


Kaylynn said...

Stop with the projects - you are making me feel very unproductive! And by the way - since you are getting everything done at your house - I have many projects at mine just waiting for you! I'm proud of you. And please my whole house is an embarrassment right now!

Oler Family said...

Ezra's closet look great! I can't wait to see next weeks pictures...I think I might start doing this too. Why is it SOOOOhard to keep my house clean?

merideth said...

i am with michelle.... i seriously cannot keep my house clean!
and i have the same problem. our bedroom ends up being the catch all for everything i don't know what to do with. not very romantic.. thats for sure.

Olive-us said...

You have inspired me to get off the computer and organize.
Thank you!

the 2nd tallest tree said...

I thought that's what Master bedrooms were for. Are they not? Seriously, the rest of my house can look great, but never, NEVER look in my bedroom. It's forbidden.