Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A week at home

Well, plans have changed for our "vacation week at home."

*I'm sick, (and I'm not a wimp, this is more than just a stuffy nose)
*minor bank error - halt to fun $$$
*it's POURING rain for day #4
*it's ending up being "survival week at home".

So, because all of my creative juices have been blown into a thousand tissues with this sickness, I need your help.

***What do you do when you have severe CABIN FEVER?


Maureen said...

okay normally I just read in silence but I had to comment on this one, it wasn't something I did but Aunt Julie the "pope" she would invite the cousins over and they would build the biggest fort, It involved, chairs, lots of blankets and then she'd set the TV inside with popcorn and the kids thought they were in a movie theater..My kids still talk about it to this day. I hope you feel better, and the sunshine comes out soon..

merideth said...

poor you!! it is so hard to be the sick pregnant mommy. sorry i have no good ideas.... but i hope you feel better soon.

sheena said...

you know what I do when I get cabin fever....I bake, eat too much, and then weep in the corner.

that probably doesn't help.

but you could post a photo of your new haircut and then we can all tell you how pretty you are....that might make you feel better?

Ben and Shara said...

I recommend breaking your own house rules. Have a picnic indoors. Put on a play or puppet show. Allow bed times to be delayed. buy a large bag of carrots (not baby carrots) and give two or three to each kid to sculpt them into totem poles using only their teeth or utensils. Butter is also fun to sculpt with, more expensive though.

Uno tournament. Leave a huge puzzle out to work on occasionally.

Have a meal where each kids picks and prepares their favorite part.

Ben and Shara said...

good luck, sorry you are sick during vacation.

Marie said...

Movies, computer games, food in the livingroom and lots of baths for everyone. I hope you feel better soon! I hate being sick, but I would love to see your new haircut!

ali said...

All these ideas are TERRIBLE. This is what you need to do. Find a room in the house that you can put all the kids in. Find a giant padlock. Lock them inside. Go curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a riveting book, and enjoy yourself while tuning out your children killing each other in the locked room.

sheena said...

or take the kids to ali's....sounds like she knows how to control a situation.