Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drum roll please........

About two weeks ago,
a sweet friend of mine
(who performs cardio sonograms)
offered to check my baby
to find out what we're having.
The two week wait

for my Dr.'s ultra sound
just seemed unbearable!
Needless to say,
after that visit, I've been seeing
for the past couple of weeks!

Surprise!!!! Today my Dr.'s ultra sound technician confirmed we are having a


Yea for 4 boys!

Yea for 4 missionaries in training

Yea for 4 BIG appetites (make that 5...even for our daughter)

Yea for MORE tractors and Transformers!

And yea for the novelty of an only girl!


The Steenhoek Clan said...

Ok....I feel horrible about the mishap on the ultrasound. Like I said that darn umbilical cord can be deceiving. But I feel just awful that I gave you and poor little Emily false hope of that baby girl. I am still going to buy you gender neutral clothes for the baby shower...just in case. Thanks for not being to mad. I was dead on with my kids and my co worker....but with my church friends I am 0 for 2.

shawna said...

Congrats! Emily will just have to be the princess with 4 brothers to protect her! Lucky boys to have such a wonderful big sister!

merideth said...

a girl would have been fun.... but of course emily had to take after her mom and be the only girl!!
congrats. little boys are so cute!

Steve & Kim said...

Congrats on another boy. He will be well loved and have many brothers to look up too.

ali said...

don't worry shannon...I can see how you could confuse labias with ventricles! :)

Emily will be the princess!

cara lou said...

That is a surprise! William is excited to have another buddy on the way. :)

Kaylynn said...

Just like my reaction on the phone - WHAT?

The boys in the Jibson family have so much fun together - he will fit right in. He'll probably be doing Star Wars moves as soon as he is born - but. . . I was a little teeny bit excited to add to the girl power.

Oler Family said...

Congratulations Kelly! You sure make cute little boys!

sheena said...

yay for boys!! I know this kid is going to be quite the trixter!!! I am laughing so hard that ali said lab___....I cannot even type that.

Marie said...

I am so excited and surprised! I still can't get over it. Now, wouldn't it be the craziest if your baby really is a girl and surprises us all?

It is perfect that Emily gets to be the princess and the big sister!

William is extremely jealous.

merideth said...

sorry off the topic... but i am wondering about violins. how much did you spend on your boys' violins? what kind did you get? any other advice?

Sarah Hull said...

CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting! Boys are too fun!!!

Ben and Shara said...

congratulations! boys are awesome!!

Kasey said...


(A little sarcastic)