Thursday, March 5, 2009

These Two

I don't think I will ever stop being fascinated with them.
The things they do,
the things they say,
what one loves,
what one hates.
Our twins will always intrigue me.
From day ONE we have been amazed at the things we've seen.
As babies, they would roll over in their beds at the exact same time.
In their high chairs, they would cross one foot over the other, at the same time...same foot.
Now, they practically finish each others' sentences and fill in where the other leaves off.
As growing boys they are loving math and reading so much.
They both love sports, violin and gymnastics.

Yesterday, Joel lost is front tooth.
Today, Jaydon lost HIS front tooth!

Every day there's something new to see.


Steve & Kim said...

Twins have always interested me. I think it is so cool that they are so close. A friend forever.

heidi said...

they are two of the cutest boys I have ever seen!!

love the one tooth missing action.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Cute, cute! I just had a funny mental image of them at 17 taunting girls with their looks and their "twinness" (yep, I made that word up). :o)

shawna said...

How much fun these two will have(are having). That twin thing is so interesting. My niece and nephew are twins. He's on a mission and it's really hard on her. She really misses the connection.

Marie said...

They certainly are handsome! said...

I just clicked over from Tip Junkie to check out your leprechaun trap from last year-so much fun, as are the teeth!