Friday, April 24, 2009

California Adventure

We tried out a new adventure! The kids and Ryan had never been to Disney's California Adventure.
Thanks to G'ma and G'pa, (and a So.Cal. zip code) this trip was made possible.

We invited our friend Lindsey along so the parent(who-can-ride-on-rides) to kid ratio would be better. She was a life-saver! The kids had a blast with her!

Ezzy and Joel loved spinning and flying and riding in Flik's Bug's Life Land. There is fun to be had around every corner.

Driving and bumping on these little racers was definitely a highlight of their day! They laughed and laughed!

Everyone LOVED the Toy Story Ride. Especially sporting their hot 3-D glasses. Shooting the pop-gun was great too and we had a contest to see who scored the highest...Ryan won, of course.

Ezzy and I missed out on so many rides, so we decided to treat ourselves to a MOST DELICIOUS mint-chip waffle cone. Oh yum! I don't know who enjoyed it more.

I have entered a whole new realm. Emily LOVES going on roller coasters now. She only wanted to go on the fastest, tallest, wildest rides at the park. I couldn't belive how much fun she had on those crazy roller coasters. I can't wait until after baby comes and I can join her next time!
Once again...everyone was wiped out on the way home...and I just love seeing them crash out in the car from pure exahustion from a fun-filled day!

Thanks again G'ma and G'pa!!


ali said...

I love that lindsEEEEy has two kids sacked out on her!

LiNdSeY said...

This was some fun stuff!

Marie said...

I'm so sorry you had to miss out on the roller coaster rides. I feel your pain...because I love roller coasters so much...not because I'm pregnant. :)

Steve & Kim said...

I love CA Adventure. Sienna and I spend many afternoons down in the Bugs life. She especially likes playing in the water.