Tuesday, April 21, 2009

miss this girl

The highlight of MY Spring Break (as opposed to my childrens' highlight) was FINALLY seeing my long- time BFF. The last time I saw Marie was about 6 years ago!!! That is just too long!

What I love best is that even though we now have 9 1/2 kids between us, we've been apart for so long, and live on opposite ends of the country, when we get together the time gap is gone! It's like we just pick up where we left off!

I know this will only be funny to a few, but we found a lost cell phone at the park and were trying to locate the owner. After several failed attempts at phone-calling, Marie decided to text the stranger who was texting that phone. It was quite entertaining to watch the action of her texting for the fist time. I'm not saying I would have been any better, it was just so fun to watch!

The moms got to visit for 4 hours while our little ones played at the park. They played dress up and used their little imaginations for hours!

We chatted, talked about old times, shared stories and laughed. I found myself wanting to cherish every minute for fear of another 5 years going by before I got to do this again. There's just nothing like a long-time friend that you share history with.

Not to mention her perfectly behaved little ones who didn't utter one word of complaint while we were there! Marie, as crazy as you say you are, and may very well be... your kids are great. You are definitely doing something right! Thanks for the fun Spring Break memories!


ali said...

i love that the dress up clothes are pioneer clothes! I bet people thought you guys were polygamist mothers. hee, hee.

I'm glad I'm not the only one out of the texting loop. It took me like 20 minutes to send you that one at the YW conference.

I miss marie. Wish I could have been there!

Oler Family said...

I remember you talking about Marie at Ricks! How fun is that? There is nothing like a best friend! Th's so fun that you were able to see each other after so many years!

Marie said...

That last picture of the kids cracks me up!!! I love it!

It was beyond wonderful to see you. I dream of living down the street like Ali does. We can't let five years pass this time. We won't!

I'll post my pictures later...I have way too much to catch up on...and it's 12 :36 in the morning. Goodnight.

sheena said...

hahaha.....polygamist moms.

that sure is alot of kids.