Monday, April 6, 2009

Old film reels

In full contrast to the colorful and playfulness of the Salt Flats we took to a more serious note and went back a few years. Though the temperature actually got colder so we sure didn't fake it. This is called "Hands in Pockets" which is also the name of the song. Stylistically, I see it along the lines of an Anthropologie catalog. Yes, shot all in HD, but scuffed up to bring out that vintage feel. Staring Kelly, Sheena, and Cara. Filmed in Draper, UT. By the way, Kelly is 22 weeks pregnant here. I can't imagine how hot she'll be when she's not cause this was so fun we're definitely going to do it again (but maybe when its not 27 degrees)

Hands in Pockets from IRIS AND LIGHT on Vimeo.


cara lou said...

Amazing, Ryan. I love this so much (I just look away when I'm on camera, haha). You did an amazing job on the filming and editing and I love the film-i-ness. And Sheena and John took beautiful photos.

Can't wait to do it again. Kelly is incredible. And I plan on being hotter by the time we do the next one, too. Haha.

Also, I plan on wearing actual shoes. And yes, please no more cold shoots.

ali said...

another home run.

Oler Family said... are you not famous!! That was amazing! Kelly, you look amazing, better than I do when I'm NOT pregnant!!

merideth said...

so when are you going to do family shoots... tell me when and i will for sure sign up! seriously i want a video/pictures like this for my little clan.

so cool.

and kelly you look AMAZING.