Thursday, April 9, 2009

The past month...

Where has the time gone? (am I ALWAYS saying that?)

Here's a little glimpse at the busy, fun things we've been doing for the month of March (and a little of April).

Don't forget, a little "hunny" get away to Utah was somewhere in the middle of all this! You've seen the fruits of that "labor".

So, get ready for probably more pictures than you care to see:

We've been playing "Fire Balls" on the trampoline - hours of fun!

We ate Green Eggs for breakfast - WAY back at St. Patty's Day

We even attempted, yet again, to catch a leprechaun,
with luck of only getting a box of Lucky Charms cereal.

We've performed at another piano / violin recital

(then MOM and DAD escaped to Utah...Thank you Grandparents and Ali for making that possible)

When we returned, we enjoyed time with G'ma and G'pa,
including a BBQ at the park
( I love SPRING)

Performing wonders at the BBQ
soon it'll be in our own back yard!

We took a little "Jungle Cruise" at the Happiest Place on Earth

A new favorite: Tom Sawyer's Island
(now called the Pirate's Lair)

My little aliens...
Who had more fun?

The group at Small World

I couldn't resist this exhausted shot!
It was a long, fun day!

Now that it's Spring, we've been busy planting.

...and planting

...and planting

We (well, Ezra) also decided to feed Tuck the Turtle, all on his own...
the entire container or two of turtle food!
Poor Tuck!

Now, we are off to enjoy Spring Break in the land up North! yea!!!
Be back soon!


Maureen said...

Im usually just a lurker but this was too funny to see Kathy asleep in the van, I can't stop laughing because she is so much fun and like the kids she just keeps going and going until she cute, all the pictures!

Oler Family said...

What a fun family you have! Ezra is getting so big! I love the sleeping picture! Your backyard is going to be amazing! I'm glad that your pregnancy is flying by for you!!

ali said...

The sleeping picture is CLASSIC! And ezra overfeeding tuck reminds me of one of Jack's favorite books when a little boy overfeeds his fish and it keeps growing and growing and growing! Good thing you don't have a giant sized tuck as a result!