Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Break '09

It's so much fun to have a little get-away! The actual event of driving 8 hours to HAVE the little get-away is NOT so fun. However, we survived the car ride and had a FABULOUS TIME!
Here is a portion of our fun...

Dying Easter eggs was a highlight for can you beat that fun transition from boring white egg to vibrant colored masterpiece? plus, that vinegar smell that goes right along with it? oh the memories. The kids loved dying their eggs with their cousins.
My crafty little one took it one step further and made little chicks to hold the eggs and adorn our Easter Dinner table. They were a hit. Move over Martha!

There were multiple egg hunts, it NEVER gets old!
From "finding" eggs scattered on the community lawn, or reading a clue at home to find your hidden Easter
basket, to truly HUNTING for as many eggs as you can find in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard, an egg hunt is always exciting!


Marie said...

We had "Easter baskets" this morning...and still no egg hunt. Maybe tomorrow?

Oler Family said...

Move over Martha indeed!! It looks like you had another fun Easter!

ali said...

love the family fun craft!