Saturday, May 9, 2009


On my trip to Utah, there was so much "remembering" going on.

I didn't realize I had sooo many memories from there.

Among other things...we drove by the little house that Ryan and I first lived in, right after we were married. I just HAD to see if it was still "spring green". It's such an odd color. And, as you can see, it STILL is! It was fun to see it.

Ali and I also got to visit with some of our FAVORITE room mates from college. What a blast we had catching up on what's new and reminiscing about college days. LOVE YOU GIRLS!


merideth said...

oh my goodness i remember that house. so funny to see it again. i don't remember it being so small.

and i wish i could have been there with you four. so fun to see that pic.

Marie said...

I love going back...we went by my old house in San Leandro while we were in CA. It was so fun to show my girls where I grew up!

Ben and Shara said...

nice, you picked the picture with my double chin, hehe.

it was great to see you guys.

Oler Family said...

I remember that little house! We had our princesses on parade party there!!
Cute picture of you girls..wish I was there!