Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Longer My Baby...

I have such bitter-sweet feelings about this little one growing up. It went by too fast.
But I have been so lucky to have the past 3 days to spend with only HIM!

While the older 3 children are entertained and busy camping with G'ma in the great out-doors,
Ez and I have been able to share 3 days of fun together!

We've gone on walks, chased the birds (his favorite out-door activity lately), been shopping around- well, browsing, taken naps, late-night movies with lots of pillows and blankets, eating ice cream and playing lots of games. He even got to join the ladies playing Bunco for a GNO! He was a hit! I love eating scrambled eggs with him (as second-breakfast) almost every day at 10:00. He always requests them as "yellow eggs please Mom?" He amazes me at his Memory Game skills and his puzzle abilities. Most of all, I love when he blasts the music to Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Superman and dances around the house to those theme songs (of course, dressed according to each part).

I love his little vocabulary and how it grows every day. He learns so many new things (not always good) and loves to be a big kid and do things himself. I'm glad he's more independent... it will be helpful in about 2 or 3 weeks when he's a big brother! But I'm sad to let go of his little toddler years. I know he's excited to be a big brother and I think he'll make a fabulous one!