Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's that time of year

First day back to school.
Two first - graders and a fourth-grader!!
They've grown up way too fast.
I told Emily she's not allowed to grow up any more after 4th grade!

28 papers to be filled out & signed

They are not the ones with homework on the first day...
I am!
(and of coarse the KIDS get a prize if they turn in all their signed paperwork the next day)

Multiply those 28 papers times 3 students...
I know what I'll be dong all evening.

I'm so happy the kids had a great first day back!


Oler Family said...

Holy! I can't believe how early school starts there! Your kids are getting so big. They are adorable! What's with all the papers?!

Marie said...

Ugh...paperwork. I loathe paperwork. It's not like they don't have all the info from last year.....grrrr! And yes, I do still have to fill out paperwork...but not so much as you.

The kids look so happy and adorable! I love the first day of school feeling...I kind of miss it. :)

Our official 1st day will be Monday, so maybe we'll try to celebrate it with pictures and getting dressed and all that fun stuff. :)

sheena said...

aaah!! that paperwork is a joke! can't wait to see the kids.....so soon!

Kasey said...

A least you name isn't crazy long!