Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brave or Crazy?

How about a little of both!?

I just returned from Thousand Oaks. It was my first time taking all 5 of my children on a "road trip" by myself! It is a 130 mile trip. With 5 little ones in the back of the car, that can either feel like 6 hours, or it can go by really fast. This time, it happened to go by really fast...phew!

We visited with G'ma and G'pa! We saw family and cousins!
We met up with wonderful friends we haven't seen for some time! We tried to get all caught up in a short period of time. It was great.

We played at the park, and we played in friends' homes. We played in G'ma and G'pa's back yard and on their computer. We played their piano and watched a movie or two. We watched G'ma sew, and learned a thing or two about her fabulous talent.

We went HERE.

It is the annual Harvest Festival right now. Little did I know it would be $10.00 per person to get in! and that does NOT include food or activities. oops.
We made the most of our $10.00 admission and did all the free activities we could .
Just me and 5 kids.

(Will's too little for his head to show)

They had a free tractor hay ride
Pig races
all kinds or picture op. wooden-face-cut-out places
a pyramid of hay to climb
a fantastic corn maze
tons of animals to check out
and a hill with tunnels to run through.

All of this we did for free. On a hot, hot day. In Thousand Oaks. Just me and 5 kids.

After a fabulous dinner and G'ma and G'pa's house, and ice cream with home made hot fudge, I packed up the kids gear (there's a lot of stuff with 5 kids...even for just one night) and we drove 130 miles back home.

I can't believe I did it.

And now, I'm exhausted and going to bed!


cara lou said...

You are brave for sure!!!! Glad everything went smoothly. I loved seeing you for a few minutes!!

Kaylynn said...

It's not brave or crazy - it's just being MOM! (which by the way I think you are doing a great job at)

Marie said...

Brave. Definitely brave. And maybe a little bit crazy too, but aren't we all? Good job Kelly, you did it!

ali said...

wait. you have 5 kids? seriously!

i keep losing track.

Oler Family said...

I'm going to have to call this one a tie!! You are truly super mom!!