Monday, October 26, 2009

brief update

As I sit here feeding little William, I figured I could at least give a short run down of what we've been up to.

Halloween Party Planning is under way: We used to do an open-house-type party every year before we moved here...well, it's been 3 years now, and we figured it was time to start the tradition again! Yea! so, we are baking, simmering cider, and making chili all while planning and prepping games and other activities for Halloween night. So, if you are around, come on by anytime after 6:30 on Halloween night. (sorry for the plug).

This last week we had a ward Halloween party, with a chili cook-off, games and trunk or treat. We all had a blast! Too bad, "family theme" costumes are a thing of the past now, but we all got a little dressed up.

William is growing like a weed! He's in the 49th % on the charts at the DR's. office. None of my kids have ever been over the 35th%. He's such a great eater and sleeper. He still loves to nap out in the family room with all the ruckus around him. He was "Little Super Man" the other night, but the kids all agreed he should have been called "Little Super Pooper"...that he is.

The older kids are loving the Halloween excitement that surrounds us this time of year. Their "Indiana Jones" themed costumes look pretty great when they are all together.

Ryan's busy as ever, working too hard to not get paid what he deserves...ha ha ! he's such a great man!

I just had my life changed by ordering my groceries at and having them delivered to my kitchen (free for the first order). It was AWESOME!

Other things keeping us BUSY:
yard work
cleaning up after the 3 year old
an occasional movie night with my husband
feeding the baby
and Young Women events



Kaylynn said...

Phew is right! Wish we could come to the party - you always throw a rockin' party! Have fun!

merideth said...

i am right there with you with the laundry... it is out of control. and i can't wait to see pics of the halloween outfits.

Marie said...

Hey, we have twin lives....except I don't do super Halloween parties where anyone and everyone is invited. I think you should have been super woman for Halloween...wait, were you?

kelly said...

Marie, I was Wonder Woman for our ward party. Well, a parody of her...from my beach house costume...
you know,
I WONDER when the dishes will get done,
I WONDER when the laundry will be folded
I WONDER when the floor will be mopped...
pretty funny.

wish you could come to our party!

Heather said...

It makes me feel better that laundry keeps reappearing on your to-do list. Why does it never end?