Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something I Love

I'm so happy to be back to doing two things that I love. It's been months since I've really been able to cook and be in the kitchen as much as I love to.

I also haven't been able to run. I just started that too. It feels great. (a little jiggly).

There is something about Fall that makes me want to bake and cook more. I love chopping, grating, peeling, saute-ing, and tasting, of course. What I love more, is adding a little of this and a pinch of that to make something taste "just-so". Spices & herbs, are so fun to add. I love to experiment with recipes. I'm afraid I"m not much of a measurer either. Unless it's really important.

After thinking of what to make, or searching through my recipe box or on-line for whatever tempts my pallet, I love to put it all together. I enjoy the smells, the textures and colors. My favorite thing is to sit down with my family, after preparing a meal and wait for their reactions. Knowing I made it for them, and I know exactly what's in it, is so satisfying to me. I feel so good to know they are enjoying what I made. They love knowing that the majority of the ingredients came from our garden, or they helped me pick it out at the grocery store.
Fortunately, (or UNfortunately, I don't know) Emily has a sophisticated pallet and helps me in the kitchen. She loves to have meals that include different cheeses or fancy herbs & spices. She even makes up her own recipe combinations. I love when she joins me in the cooking process.

Baking is almost as enjoyable but there's so much more guilt when I have the finished product. I always want to devour the batch of cookies, or rolls or cake after I've baked. Trouble. It's a good thing my family is big, so we can share all around and keep our portions under control. (until all the kids are in bed...).

I'm so happy it's that season and I'm back on my feet in the kitchen. YUM!


Marie said...

You are definitely amazing Kelly. Running already? Really? Wowzas!

Alicia said...

HI sister southwell its alicia espinoza i have a blog yes