Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Little Guy

Now, I know I'm far from being a photographer...but in my defense, the only way to get this half-smile was to peek out from behind the camera...so I didn't realize I was cutting off his head!

On Sunday, William was 2 months old!
How? and Why?
As much as I'm happy the time has gone by quickly for ME,
I'm so sad it's slipping away so fast for HIM!
He is a pure joy!
I was lucky to get this little half-grin out of him...
Daddy seems to be the only one who can get a
big, dimply smile out of him!
(and he's out of town, so that pic will have to wait)
He LOVES his Daddy!
When he's around, Will smiles. He has double dimples
(they just kill me!)
He still has his super dark hair,
although it's now starting to fall out.
His eyes are getting more blue.
He loves to nap around all the commotion in the family room.
He can hardly nap when it's too quiet.
He loves to be in his swing,
or on his tummy,
with his brothers and sister,
and on the go.
He was MEANT to be child number 5!
He is sleeping 6-7 hours at night.
He lets out a really good cry before he falls asleep!
He cries so hard that he turns a shade of purple!
It has scared Emily when she's trying to console him.
Then he just stops.
Like turning off a switch.
and sleeps.

So happy he's here!


Kaylynn said...

What do you mean "this LITTLE guy" - He looks so BIG. I can't handle how fast they grow. I want to snuggle him right now and get him to sleep - even if he does turn purple on me!

Marie said...

I wish there was a little switch on my children to get them to go to sleep at night. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Little William is completely adorable!!! It's so sad when their baby hair falls out...it only happened to Walter for me. But then again, I do love a bald baby.

Love you Kelly!