Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why do I let myself?

I was abnormally productive today. It felt great! And LOOK! I'm even blogging, AGAIN! (that's just unheard of lately). So, after roasting and puree-ing 5 pumpkins, sanding and spray painting my daughter's bed frame, and garage sale-ing ... all while doing the other daily tasks involved in raising 5 little ones, I realized a small (maybe not so small) miracle taking place in my life.

A few weeks ago, in Stake Conference at church, we were asked by an area authority to really think and pray about what we can do to be better people. I took on that challenge. Sort of hesitantly. I wasn't sure I was up for any more challenges right now. But I did. My answer was easy..."read my scriptures daily"! I already know the blessings that come from this seemingly simple task. I had just fallen out of the habit and became lazy. Actually, truth be told, I've been "drowning" in my hectic state of life and couldn't imagine adding one more thing to my plate!

What a miracle. For 2 weeks now, without fail, I have read for a full 1/2 hour in the morning when I get up to feed William. Instead of wishing I was still in bed, and letting my head bob in a half-sleep state, I grab my scriptures and read away. All of a sudden, life is manageable. NOT ONLY manageable, but it feels like I have MORE time in my day and MORE energy to get the things done!

It's not all roses and butterflies, don't get me wrong, but that's another thing I've noticed: I've been more relaxed when things don't go as planned or there are messes that I haven't been able to get to yet. I've had a bit more patience too. I actually find myself laughing with Ryan when the milk inevitably gets spilled, or the kids start fighting or dinner time turns into family fued / chaos!

I love how I feel. I need to remember how I feel and NOT let myself slip out of my reading habit.

Just had to share.


Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing..Im going to take that challenge are a amazing mom and person, I get in sites from your mom too..I love all your Halloween cute.

sheena said...

thanks for sharing:)