Saturday, February 6, 2010

Date Night...

This is me and My Jaydee Boy.

Date night.

We got to go to Whimsicle and get a delicious treat! Just the two of us.
One on One time is pretty rare around here these days. So, we take turns having Mommy dates and Daddy dates. It's so great!

We got to be silly together, laugh together, share bites of our treats together, and chat about whatever HE wanted to!

I love Date Nights...
I also love being super silly with my Jaydee Boy.

He got vanilla, with about 6 toppings.
I got chocolate, with mint oreos.
We shared and they were both delicious.

He's so quiet and bashful. He is hard to get to know when around a crowd. But when it's just the two of us, he's a cute and silly boy. Smart as can be and a funny little jokster, I'm always interested in what he's got to never know what's coming next.

I love him!

Can't wait for our next night out together.


Blackburns said...

I love that you have date nights with your children. It looks like the two of you had lots of fun.

Marie said...

I love one on one time too! You are such a wonderful and fun mommy. I love that Jaydee boy too!

Kim and Nick Grafton said...

Hey Kelly! I just happened onto your blog. That is so fun, and I am totally going to steal that idea when I have kids. I just love your kiddos. They make Sunday's SOOO much fun!!