Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Extra Long Weekend, Part 2

We were NOT leaving for a week long vacation, even though
it may appear that way from the looks of the car.
We WERE headed up to the snow for day!
Ryan and I decided to just drive and see what adventure unfolded before us.
After driving for just over an hour,
We came across a FABULOUS sledding hill!
We were not going to pay a dime, but this place was worth the
"week day" rate we ended up paying. Such a bargain for HOURS of fun!
With all the gear and changes of clothing, and piles of snow clothes in our car,
we were prepared for a blizzard!
In actuality, it was nearly 70 degrees! The snow was melting pretty fast,
But not too fast to get in some hours of incredibly fast tubing!
Short sleeves and sunglasses. Ahhh
And, Yes, that's William in the stroller behind us.
We had to put the stroller to the 4 wheeling test.

This was the top of the biggest tubing hill. Ezzy was the FIRST in the family to go down.
Joel never quite made it down this one. But he did the "medium" hill all day.

After some groomed-hill-tubing-fun, we headed across the street for some
trail-blazing, rock-climbing, adventurous snow fun.
Ryan has that pro footage.
Can't promise we'll ever see it.
But it was GREAT!

This extra vacation day was greatly needed and I'm so glad we went while there's still snow to be played in!


Alicia said...

HI KELLY haha weres the baby is he having fun. Weres his baby bored???

Kim and Nick Grafton said...

That looks like SO much fun! You seriously have the most beautiful family ever.

merideth said...

so fun. sledding in t-shirts.... i love it!