Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An EXTRA long weekend. Part 1

Last weekend was already an appreciated 4-day holiday. However, we needed to make it just one day longer.
We just
to go back.

For Valentine's Day we rolled, cut and decorated some delicious sugar cookies. Recipe given by THIS "Martha Stewart". They were fun and yummy!
We love sprinkles around here!
I don't know if more frosting went in their mouths, or on the cookies.
(and THEN in their mouths).

We are silly and didn't take any pictures when Cousin Makenna was here. What a bummer.
If you ever need one of the BEST babysitters in the WORLD, you've got to have her come to your house! Unfortunately, she's not a local around here.

We had so much fun with her in town.
out to eat
art projects
She even (voluntarily) mopped my kitchen floor for me!
We love you Makenna!

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