Wednesday, February 17, 2010

our "skills"

We've been pretty busy around here the past month. Well, we're always pretty busy around here. But we've been honing up on some of our "skills" lately so I thought I'd document what we've been's a little random.

Our O.J. making skills have been neglected until we picked 1/2 a tree
load of oranges from G'ma & G'pa Southwell's tree. Oh YUM!

We learned a new "skill" at the Western Science Museum.
This little guy got to make a mold of a Mastodon tooth fossil.
He loved the museum field trip with a few of his buddies.

He also helped me with my train-track-designing skills.
When we were finished, we had used every piece in the box!
(notice how colorful they are from my other kids getting creative with their art skills)

For Family Night, William had the lesson. It was all about how to take care of him and keep him safe. Everyone had the chance to practice their diaper-changing skills.
We also talked about things to keep the littlest guy safe. (like cleaning up the legos!)

Our littlest guy has also been learning some new skills.
Here he is, loving the fruit he's munching on through this
fabulous mesh holder (I love!).
Eating is a skill he's always been good at!

Then there's the "will-never-be-a-skill" skills.
That includes my attempts at bowling!
I got to bowl one ball the whole evening, but it was fun.
What a great mutual activity...
(what's going on with the fly-away left arm?)

We also recently improved our sledding skills, but that's for another day!


Marie said...

My poor kids. We buy oranges by the bagful and so I insist they eat every last wasting it on juice. Maybe someday. :) You are an awesome mom. Love you.

Ben and Shara said...

You are a great mom. The FHE lessons are a great idea. "How to keep the youngest child safe?" Good idea, that might be tonight's lesson for us.