Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 senses

I made a discovery.
Each of my five children has a different dominate sense. It really is quite interesting and entertaining to me to see how true it really is.

Emily is so observant. She will notice the tiniest details on just about everything.
If we're looking at a patch of wildflowers, she's noticing the little lady bug down on the stem.
She pays attention to what is around her by looking at the shapes, patterns and colors involved.
I appreciate that she can see the individual and not just the crowd.

From infancy, Jaydon had to learn about his surroundings by putting something in his mouth.
EVERY toy, gadget, you-name-it, went into his mouth...
It made it very difficult when the floor wasn't always spotless.
Once he got teeth, oh opened a whole new world of exploring
(just ask cousin Jackson and Evan).
His poor twin brother had bite marks up and down his arms as a toddler.
Today, however, he's no longer putting toys in his mouth, but he does still bite things.
just kidding.
But he loves to test new flavors and tastes from the food around him.
Joel loves to feel things; soft blankets, prickly grass, or smooth stones.
He has always been one to appreciate textures.
He loves touch.
He's the first to give hugs, or pat my back.
He loves the feel of Baby William's soft skin and hair.

Ezzy got my "Kennan" nose.
This boy can smell something 5 miles away and will ask about it...
like the BBQ dinner someone's cooking
or the cow smell from the local dairy farm.
When I tell him to get a clean cup from the cupboard, he SMELLS it to know if it's clean.
Before he tests a new food that's put in front of know, the nose has to do it's job first before he can pop it into his mouth!
I'm telling you, he'd smell the smoke before the fire alarm ever went off!

My sweet William.
His cute floppy ear. I love it!
When Will was born, I couldn't hold him.
My arms were pinned down and covered from having a c-section.
I wanted more than anything to just have him in my arms!
I could hear his brand-new-baby cry and wanted to comfort him.
Ryan brought him over to me, and amidst the crying, I spoke softly in William's his ear.
"Hi, Baby. It's Mama."
He stopped crying for an instant as I kissed his ear.
Ever since then, I have noticed how sensitive he is to different sounds, especially voices.
I love that the simple sound of my voice is enough to make him happy.

It's so fun to see each of them grow and develop their own sense of the world around them.
I hope as a mom, I can magnify their qualities, as different as they are.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day of Infamy

Well, not a "day", but more like a very long time. It's hard to know where to start in expressing my anger for the filth who represent our elected officials in D.C.
Yady yady yada.. this may not seem at all interesting to you but there will be massive repercussions in our future. We will all see.

It makes me wonder how people have gone so wrong. Really. Today's events, namely what's happening tonight with Congress and the executive branch astounds me on so many levels. Why the changing of the flag? It should be obvious. Anyone who knows anything about the establishment of our nation and the founding fathers know that we are on a very dangerous path. Government should not belong in our free market (namely auto and bank industries), they should not mandate my health care, and they should not make scholastic institutes an equality issue. Hmm, sound like anything? Russia, Poland, China, N. Korea... all attempts made at socialism and all failed. I'm sorry, but our government officials think they are doing good, and I truly believe they think they are too, but they are without a doubt socialist pigs, whether they know it or not. This is not what the freedom seeking pilgrims, pioneers, legal immigrants, the founding fathers, nor I have signed up for. I'm scared, you should be too.

I am self employed. It is very likely that I could lose my house and all I have built up all because I am being taxed and compelled to pay for someone else's abortion which is against my deepest ethical codes. Goodbye opportunity and the free world. I'm glad I at least had the chance to make my own future. Time to get out the old hammer and sickle.

This is ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This and That

For Family Night, two weeks ago,
we planted our seeds in our little starter boxes.
The kids were so excited to get their hands dirty in this family activity.

We planted a variety of seeds.
216 seeds to be exact.
22 different kinds.
It's so exciting to plant them, then see them sprout.
Everything has started to grow, except the dill and the peppers.
Pretty soon, they will make their way to our garden and before we know it,
we'll be picking our very own fresh veggies! Yum!
In other news...
Our little scientist got to enter the science fair this year.
She chose her own project, did her own research, conducted
her own experiment and wrote (typed) her own report.
I was so proud of her.
We were all ready to get it on the display board for Tuesday night. The judging was to take place on Wednesday.
Well, come Tuesday morning at 10:20 a.m. I get a phone call FROM SCHOOL.
I worried - someone's sick, or broken a bone, or gotten in trouble...
"Mom, my science fair project is due TODAY at 1:00".

So, who felt like they were in the 4th grade again, putting together a display for the science fair?
yup. Me.
I am SOOO glad that Emily had typed out the entire report. I just had to set aside everything I had planned for that morning and make a science fair project look a little fancy. Not too fancy however, it was HER project.
Long story short - She came home with a 2nd place prize!
all of OUR efforts paid off!
It now goes to the district to be judged next week.
Good job, Em!