Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day of Infamy

Well, not a "day", but more like a very long time. It's hard to know where to start in expressing my anger for the filth who represent our elected officials in D.C.
Yady yady yada.. this may not seem at all interesting to you but there will be massive repercussions in our future. We will all see.

It makes me wonder how people have gone so wrong. Really. Today's events, namely what's happening tonight with Congress and the executive branch astounds me on so many levels. Why the changing of the flag? It should be obvious. Anyone who knows anything about the establishment of our nation and the founding fathers know that we are on a very dangerous path. Government should not belong in our free market (namely auto and bank industries), they should not mandate my health care, and they should not make scholastic institutes an equality issue. Hmm, sound like anything? Russia, Poland, China, N. Korea... all attempts made at socialism and all failed. I'm sorry, but our government officials think they are doing good, and I truly believe they think they are too, but they are without a doubt socialist pigs, whether they know it or not. This is not what the freedom seeking pilgrims, pioneers, legal immigrants, the founding fathers, nor I have signed up for. I'm scared, you should be too.

I am self employed. It is very likely that I could lose my house and all I have built up all because I am being taxed and compelled to pay for someone else's abortion which is against my deepest ethical codes. Goodbye opportunity and the free world. I'm glad I at least had the chance to make my own future. Time to get out the old hammer and sickle.

This is ridiculous.


1LDSmom said...


My brother is a doctor and he just shared with me that the New England Journal of Medicine just did a survey among doctors and found this:

Physician survey on Obamacare from the NEJM: Among primary care physician respondents, "46 percent indicated that they would leave medicine--or try to leave medicine--as a result of health reform."

If this ends up being the reality than we are creating a super serious healthcare crisis in America.

I believe Glenn Beck when he says that Obama's folk know nationalized healthcare is going to take the economy down. (Look at the financial disaster it has been in Mass.) They know that if you want to change the very fundamentals of a free-market society and believe that a constitution protecting individual rights needs to be replaced with laws that protect the collective (socialism/communism)...this is how you do it.

Shannon Baker

jjibson said...

Give 'em heck, Ry. I truly do not believe the American people will stand for this outrage. For months they have expressed their opposition to this bill, but the current congessional majority doesn't care about the will of the people. It's really about power and control, not health care. Hopefully the anger will continue to build until November, when we can throw this bunch out. That will be the first step in taking back the country and re-establishing freedom as its bedrock principle.
Dad J.

Anonymous said...

calm down comrade,
we can go work for the IRS together , brighten peoples' days with our visits to collect their money to pay our salaries and free loader's healthcare costs.

you should start reading atlas shrugged.

Marie said...

Go Ryan! I'm with you 100%! The more I learn, the more enraged I become!

So, I have to pay 10% of my income for an insurance policy I may or may not want, or be fined 2.2% of my income. If I fail to pay, I go to prison...where I will receive free healthcare at your expense. :) Sounds great to me. Oh, and if you lose your source of income, there are 16,500 government jobs becoming available with the IRS to make sure we are all paying could always go for one of those. Am I wrong on any of these facts? Please tell me I am.

Elections can't come soon enough!

zuniga family said...

Okay, I feel I need to comment. I will admit, I haven't read a lot of the healthcare plan put out by Obama but here is what I don't understand. We, as taxpayers, are already funding people who don't have health insurance. For example, a person who has the flu and has no medical insurance ends up going to the ER and gets treated. Taxpayers foot the bill, which let's say is 1,000 dollars. Now, let's give that person medical insurance, that person gets the flu and instead of going to the ER for free, now goes to a doctor, pays the co-pay, and taxpayers pay the rest, which is only 100 dollars to visit the doctor. Isn't that a savings? I think everyone should have health insurance. Not everyone in life has the same opportunties as me to have a job that provides insurance. Yes there are free loaders and there will always be free loaders, but what about those who are terminally ill or have severe diseases or children whose parents can't afford insurance? I will gladly help them out with insurance. Am I missing something here?

And about the abortion, I just read from the associated press where Obama signed a law saying that no money would go the paying for elective abortions. Unless I read that one wrong, it seems like no money will be used to fund abortions. And even though I am TOTALLY against abortions, I don't think it will EVER be illegal because then it is taking away a woman's free agency to choose what to do with her body. Let God deal with her! Okay, I am sure this will start a nice conversation.

Vicki (Kasey's friend and Jeff's (your mission comp) sister.