Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This and That

For Family Night, two weeks ago,
we planted our seeds in our little starter boxes.
The kids were so excited to get their hands dirty in this family activity.

We planted a variety of seeds.
216 seeds to be exact.
22 different kinds.
It's so exciting to plant them, then see them sprout.
Everything has started to grow, except the dill and the peppers.
Pretty soon, they will make their way to our garden and before we know it,
we'll be picking our very own fresh veggies! Yum!
In other news...
Our little scientist got to enter the science fair this year.
She chose her own project, did her own research, conducted
her own experiment and wrote (typed) her own report.
I was so proud of her.
We were all ready to get it on the display board for Tuesday night. The judging was to take place on Wednesday.
Well, come Tuesday morning at 10:20 a.m. I get a phone call FROM SCHOOL.
I worried - someone's sick, or broken a bone, or gotten in trouble...
"Mom, my science fair project is due TODAY at 1:00".

So, who felt like they were in the 4th grade again, putting together a display for the science fair?
yup. Me.
I am SOOO glad that Emily had typed out the entire report. I just had to set aside everything I had planned for that morning and make a science fair project look a little fancy. Not too fancy however, it was HER project.
Long story short - She came home with a 2nd place prize!
all of OUR efforts paid off!
It now goes to the district to be judged next week.
Good job, Em!


merideth said...

so is it better to start things off indoors with gardening. i want to start... i am just a little scared.

jjibson said...

Good job on plantin' the seeds everyone!!! "How Does Your Garden Grow?" With cute little plants sprouting all in a row!! Cute, Cute, Cute!!

Nice Science Project Miss Em and Mom

The Close's Place said...

Where did you get your starter box from? Is it cheaper to buy the boxes and seeds?

kelly said...

We like to start things indoors, mostly for the experience of it, but to save money on the starter plants too. Not all the seeds work, so we always plant extra.
I got my starter kit at Lowes. They sell this "special" soil in a tablet-type form, but it was pricey. I just bought a bag of organic soil and there was plenty and it was half the price as the other stuff.
Whatever doesn't survive, we get the starter plants from the nursery later on.

ali said...

can't wait to see your garden this year! It just gets better and better.