Thursday, September 23, 2010

still alive!!!

I think I have forgotten how to blog...what button do I push next? ...

We are very much alive and kicking over here. It's insane how ALIVE we are...we are usually going 3 places at once at any given time of the day. I need to be cloned! PLEASE, just one more of me to go around would be nice!

I love everything we are doing, although the soccer practice schedule has taken some getting-used-to.

Soccer (x 3) Scouts, Activity Days, Marathon Training (finally I'm tapering my miles), home-school, pre-school and a new Relief Society calling are all on our calendar every week now.
William turned 1 and is crawling around getting into EVERYTHING, but it's so cute to watch. My house is a mess and my laundry piled high, but we are living life to the fullest and (mostly) having fun while doing it!

I've got a summer's worth of pictures to post up here as well! Hopefully this is the return of blogging for me...we'll see.

Also, I got released as the Young Womens' President and I feel so conflicted about it. I love and miss those girls VERY much! However, the time and energy is nice to have "back".