Monday, October 4, 2010

Caught it!

I can officially say I have run a marathon! 26.2 miles are under my belt ( or should I say shoes).
The St. George, Utah marathon was on Saturday, Oct. 2nd and me and my whole gang trekked out there for the event.

It was Glorious and Terrible all wrapped up together!

Glorious to be there with 7,000 other runners. Glorious to be there with my 5 kids and husband! Glorious to be there with my friend that I trained 5 months with! And Glorious to say I've finished! It was Terrible to be soooo tired at mile 18 and Terrible to have NO more mental motivation at mile 25 ( I wanted to walk right off the course with 1.6 to go...who does that?!). It was Terrible to be so incredibly THIRSTY!
After all is said and done, and after learning many new things about myself through this event...I realize I have CAUGHT THE DISEASE! I hope to actually do another marathon again someday! Crazy, I know.

Pics and official stats to come soon!


cara lou said...

You are amazing!! Congratulations on making it all the way! Mental motivation is my biggest obsticle. I hope to some day do a marathon. But right now my goal is just a 10K. :)

Sarah Hull said...

You seriously ROCK!!!

Blackburns said...

I second that. . . you are amazing I am glad you feel so good about it. I think your next one should be in Hawaii or maybe Athens.

Marie said...

What? Are you crazy? That's like wanting to have more kids when you already have five...oh wait, that's me. Something about enduring through the pain makes me want to try it again. I guess it's the same with marathons? I don't think I'll ever find out.

You did it!!!!

Lauren said...

im sooo proud of you!!
haha i cant imagine how hard that must've been...but good job for sure!!
u worked hard for this <3