Monday, October 4, 2010

marathon stats...

And photos I got from the company who was there taking pictures...they are not purchased, so they are really small. oh well.

Dying! why is the finish line SO far away?

Leilani, my trusty training friend!

Feeling good and having fun (before mile 18).

Official Stats:

Category: Age: Sex: Chip time: Overall: Women
WOMENS 30-34 32 F 3:58:33 2063/5697 614/ 2457


Kimberly Grafton said...

You are amazing Kelly. I'm pretty sure they'd have to roll me across the finish line. Lol.

ali said...

YAY! what an accomplishment!

ali said...

I'm talking about the blog posts...not the marathon!

ha....just kidding.

Marie said...

I knew you would do awesome! Wow, you are amazing, inspiring and tenacious! Congratulations!