Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Break! (part 1)

I made my first attempt at home made gingerbread houses. With real gingerbread.
It smelled delicious, it tasted delicious, but it was WAY too much work!
(because all the kids want to do is smother ANYthing with frosting and candy!)

The kids had a really good time decorating their own house.
They each had a tube of frosting and more candy than
they've ever seen in one place at the same time!

Then, we went with some friends to the Christmas House!
This place was out of control! I think Santa himself lived here!
Yep, if you tune your radio to 96.9 fm you can see the show - all the lights choreographed to music. What a sight! Then we got to tour the inside and back yard.
A Christmas village, trains and even hot cocoa and cookies. WOW.
it takes him 9 months to prepare for this!

Even a snow machine!

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ali said...

Wow! I'm blown away that you had this much time in December for blogging! Excellent. I love the gingerbread houses. Those are like the cadillac of all houses! Definitely a step up from graham crackers and hot glue!