Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oak Glen

My new favorite place!
We tried for months to find a day to get to these beautiful farms,
but the weeks just kept flying by!
Finally, we found a day we could escape from our urban life.

Ezra showing me his apple treasures
Sooo delicious!!

William, enjoying the deliciousness of
freshly picked apples

Climbing, playing, was so great!
Emily wanted to fill bag after bag, even our pockets and purse.
A girl after my own heart.
Joel could climb these trees all day!
After attempting to feed the cows by hand, we resorted to feeding them
"by stick". Their tongues were a little too long and rough
for my kids' comfort level.

We even got to make our own freshly pressed cider. 20 lbs. of apples later,
we had a gallon of perfectly delicious cider.
(did I mention the apples were delicious?)


Marie said...

How is it possible warm enough to be picking apples without winter coats on? It is freezing here! Those apples look delicious!

shawna said...

love, love, love Oak Glen! Family fun times! :-)

Blackburns said...

I love Oak Glen. It is going to be a yearly tradition in our family. Glad you had fun.