Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some of our Favorite...


I can hardly believe it's already been a month since we were there, but our time in good ol' Loomis will not fade from memory any time soon!

Here are some pics of cousins and siblings. We just LOVE this crew!
Two little ones attempting to "share" their peas.

One of my favorite sites...all of these little rascals sitting around G'ma and G'pa's big kitchen table. The sounds of them talking and laughing are just as great as the sight of them.

Then, there's the parents. Always enjoying any free moment from
tending to those rascals.

Aunt Kaylynn and Uncle Kyle were heroes and had ALL the cousins over for a slumber party!

I know my kids loved every second of it! They are asking when they can do it again!

We are so happy to have such wonderful family to go visit! You never know what kind of party is in store when we all get together.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Break! (part 2)

While we were visiting the Southwell G'parents, we went ice-skating!

Ezra was nervous at first, but loved the little helper they had for beginners.
Soon, he was skating without it...even trying tricks!


These two loved the ice!

G'ma helped entertain William so we could all have a chance to skate.
Brrrrr! It was COLD!

Emily was like an old pro on the ice. Not bad for only making it an annual tradition.

Thank you G'ma Southwell for a fun day!